Project partners

CBE is a leader of territorial social dialogue whose creation and animation respond to the common desire of local social economic actors to boost the economy of the territory.
The CBE is also a promoter of the regional territory, which accompanies and supports local initiatives.

Rightchallenge, established in 2016, is a non-profit association that aims to promote education and training as a means of social inclusion and equal opportunities.

DRPDNM is non-profit and humanitarian organization acting in accordance with the public interest in the field of social protection for more than 20 years.
Their mission is to contribute to more inclusive and open society for all. Our two leading programs therefore deal with inclusion of socially excluded groups and with the stimulation of the NGO development and civil dialogue.

Established in 2005, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED) is a fast-growing Center of Excellence in European Entrepreneurship.
As a state-of-the-art international organization, iED promotes change for the better, through entrepreneurial and innovative actions and supports every entrepreneurial venture across Europe.

The Square dot Team (SDT) is an expert-based organization committed to tackle societal challenges through tailor-made policy advice, while supporting the EU ecosystem of entrepreneurs through targeted mentorship and trainings.

SRC was established in 2017 at the request of local social and academic researchers, who identified a need to develop a space where research hypotheses and findings can be validated through local research actions.
SRC’s mission is to support young academics to bring their research into action and to encourage older workers and retirees to develop their skills as social researchers